Happy Holly Day

1936 - 1959
"My love is bigger than a Cadillac"


  1. What future iconic musicians were at the Buddy Holly concert on January 31st, 1959? First there was Waylon Jennings who was in the touring band. But who was the second? Now this gentleman has been known to create myths about his background, but after looking at a bunch of research, I believe this to be true. Here's a clue: It was in Diluth, Minnesota and the person taking it all in would go on to be Bob Dylan. Three days after the concert was "The Day the Music Died" - the day when Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash.

  2. "We've mentioned Bobby Vee before -- he was the person who stepped in to replace Buddy Holly the night after the tragic accident that saw Holly dying. The show where he and his band replaced Holly was actually the first show he ever played, with a band that he'd only put together two weeks earlier.

    "He had a voice that bore a strong resemblance to Holly's, and his first single, 'Suzie Baby,' was very consciously modeled on 'Peggy Sue.'

    "That was a local hit, and he toured around North Dakota and Northern Minnesota, with a backing band called the Shadows that included a young pianist named Robert Zimmerman, who would soon leave the band but would go on to have some success on his own under another name. The band, too, took on another name after a while -- once they discovered the existence of the English group The Shadows, they became The Strangers instead."

    -- Andrew Hickey, 500songs.com


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