From Matt Wuerker

Via Politico, used with permission.


  1. You know this campaign actually works as a futuristic political thriller loosely inspired by Al Pacino's movie "Simone." In that one there's a world famous celebrity who turns out to be computer generated. In our movie the original Joe Biden's voice and appearance would be harvested, aged and turned into pixels. There would be the inevitable glitch: In this case they try to write in a program that generates gaffes to make Cyber-Joe seem more real, but the program is flawed. That would explain some of these comments like when Joe said "Prescription jugs" the other day and then didn't react at all. His gaffes don't even seem human - that's the glitch. Naturally, they would want to limit Cyber-Joe's exposure so they'd keep him mainly in a basement and when he comes out it would only be in front of a small crowd that they could threaten and control. Of course, the big reveal would be the night of the debate where you'd think Trump would scream, "He's not really here. I see him on the monitor but there's nobody onstage with me." But here's your big Hollywood blockbuster twist: It turns out Trump is also a cyber-invention and the debate takes place without a hitch or a glitch. Sad to say but this would be much more believable than the actual campaign. What? You're telling me that Trump is a fully functioning human being and not some kind of cyber-generated character from a computer? No way. Of course by Inauguration Day the newly advanced holograms would be ready and we'd be good to go.


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