From Matt Wuerker

 Via Politico, used with permission.


  1. Yes, because there were never forest fires until Henry Ford came along. I guess that they are a new phenomenon? I could had swore reading just yesterday that the amount of area lost to fires has dropped considerably from a couple of centuries ago.

  2. "Hello, this is President Trump. I heard you had a call in to me, Governor Brown." "Please, call me Kate. Oh and Ted Wheeler is here too." "Good morning, Mr President. It's Ted Wheeler. First I want to apologize for any intemperate remarks I made about you in the distant past." "Distant past? It was last month." "I've got this, Ted. May I call you Don?" "Okay." "Don, when we were declining your offer of help we were basically dealing with burning trash dumpsters and stuff like that. Now that we've lost 900,000 acres of Oregon and a tenth of our population has been evacuated it puts your offer in a different light. How would you feel about sending us some federal troops and funds?" "Hi, It's Ted again. Before you answer that I wanted to extend an invitation to you and your lovely wife. If you're out in Portland next year I'd love to take you to a Blazer game." "Kate here again. So do you think we can get past our recent unpleasantness? Can you give us a hand with these fires? We're a bit overwhelmed."( CLICK.) "Don, are you still there, Don?"


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