Traitors on parade

Here is a good one.


  1. "Okay, Trump just won. So what are we going to do about it?"
    "I've got a good idea. Let's spend the next 3 and a half years finding the best candidate we've ever run. Then when the election comes around it'll be a no brainer to get rid of his ass."
    "No, that would be way too easy. Using an election to remove a person we don't like from office? It's so constitutional and trite. Look, here's the plan: We'll spend every waking hour for 3 years on this Russian collusion thing. We'll state that the President is really a secret Russian agent working directly for Putin and have him removed as a traitor."
    "Sir, with all due respect that sounds like a bad episode of Get Smart. What if it doesn't work?"
    "Then we'll find someone whose brain is showing clear signs of cognitive decline, someone whose had a couple of life and death brain operations where they brought in a priest because they didn't think he'd make it, someone who likes sniffing little girls hair, and someone with his own sexual scandal in his past complete with the mother of the victim calling Larry King's show right after it happened to complain about it. Then we'll portray him as this wonderful down to earth guy and hope like hell the voters buy it and reject Trump for him."
    "What about getting a star candidate like Tulsi Gabbard?"
    *Hell no. We'll call her a Russian asset too and we won't even invite her to the convention. I mean - other than the tours of duty in Iraq - what did she ever do for America? Look, Tulsi is about the future. We need a candidate from the deep past so we can control him. Someone who's already run for President twice and lost."
    "Okay, sounds good. Let's adjourn and meet again in January and get right to work on the next plan to impeach Trump."

  2. Joe may not make it to November. Does that mean Kamala becomes the nominee?

  3. The internet has this: "If something happened after the conventions but before the election, the national party committees would pick another nominee. Under Republican rules, the Republican National Committee could reconvene the national convention, although ... it’s hard to imagine that being feasible. So in both parties, national committee members would vote to elect a new nominee. And while Democrats could try to back a former candidate or an outsider who didn’t run — say, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo — in a crisis like this they would likely push the Democratic National Committee to put the vice presidential nominee at the top of the ticket." So get used to hearing more about Kamala rising in power by having an affair with Willie Brown. The internet is already calling her Heels Up Harris.
    So anything could happen including the Return of Hillary. Cuomo is probably damaged goods because he mandated that seniors who had the Covid be returned to their rest homes where they gave it to many more killing thousands. Meanwhile, Hillary has a good chance because this whole Biden candidacy seems to have been engineered by James Carville and they go back. You know the tragic thing is that the Dem establishment was so freaked out by Bernie Sanders that they caused their party to pick a substandard candidate twice in a row. Hillary had more baggage than a 747 and Biden is just holding on mentally.
    This is one of those elections where "Heads we lose and Tails we really lose."


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