Time for another impeachment?

The crap that Orange Caligula is pulling with the Post Office is a high crime or misdemeanor if ever there was one. I know that everyone in the House of Representatives wants to spend a month at home campaigning for re-election, but we have reached the point where our entire system of government is in jeopardy.

Maybe it's time to impeach his sorry butt once again.

The Senate probably wouldn't convict him of anything, but you never know. Mitt has that lean and hungry look. 

And more importantly, it's the principle of the thing. Future presidents need to see there are consequences of violating your oath and attempting to install yourself as a dictator.

The Speaker of the House could call back to Washington whichever members are needed to restart the impeachment process. They could get going on Tuesday.


  1. Hearings from now until three weeks before Election Day on all of his malfeasance and self-dealing, ending with second impeachment and referral to the Senate as the ballots go out and early voting periods open.

  2. Here’s some inspiration from Belarus, may we be as courageous if our scourge tries to cling to power as he seems intent on doing.


  3. Alas, the fixers in SCOTUS are on the job



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