Poo flies at Friday night protest

For the first time in many weeks, I didn't follow any of the Portland protests in real time on Twitter last night. I slept, which was a much more productive use of time. All I know is what I read this morning.

The scene was North Precinct, on MLK Boulevard at Emerson. The usual 150 to 200 dissidents marched over in the rain from Irving Park and acted up for several hours. They trashed three marked patrol cars and threw stuff at the police. They also set their usual dumpster fire in the middle of the street and shined their green lasers at the cops' eyes.

Among the objects reportedly thrown at the police cars were balloons full of feces.

The police, all from the City of Portland, waited longer than usual to pounce – maybe they wanted to be sure the rain had stopped – but eventually they did. It was the "bull rush" described on this blog many time before. 

Nine people were arrested, which is more than usual, but looking at the charges, they seem to be the kind that the district attorney, Mike Schmidt, says he won't pursue.

The police version of the night's frolic is here. The Oregonian's blow-by-blow is here.

Meanwhile, police yesterday made an arrest in the horrific beating of a counter-protester downtown last weekend. Marquise Love turned himself in. He's accused of being the guy who delivered a devastating kick to the head of Adam Haner as Haner sat, bloodied, on the street on Sunday night. Love is charged with felony assault, among other charges, with bail set at $250,000.