Just another American town, on this night

Another nightmare of a night for America. Here in Portland, we got off easy.

Yes, the protest craziness continued. There was not much new to report. The demonstrators were apparently going to act up at the juvenile detention center in the Montavilla neighborhood, but they were talked out of it. Instead, they went downtown to City Hall.

They set up a big floral display that spelled out "Defund." Then the vandals went to work with the spray paint. The glass doors on Fourth Avenue were broken, and several dissidents went inside, according to police. Later in the evening, windows were broken and someone reportedly tried to set the building on fire with some sort of flaming aerosol, according to the police.

The cops, apparently with some county sheriff's deputies in the mix, did the "bull rush" a couple of times and arrested 25 people. This is the third straight night of two dozen or so arrests. This time, they did lodge a couple of charges that may actually be prosecuted by our famous rookie district attorney. One guy is charged with shining a laser pointer at the cops, and another with burglary. Aside from that, the charges are all the usual stuff that gets ignored. Maybe attempted assault on a peace officer will get some play, so that would be three.


  1. Governor Brown's latest statement was, "“Those who have committed acts of violence will be held accountable.” Wow, should this really be the new idea after 80 plus days? She also directed one comment to Trump: "Oregon isn't interested in a role in your political theater, @realDonaldTrump." Doesn't she get it? We've been a centerpiece in Trump's presentation to America for weeks now whether she's interested in it or not.
    On the home front my wife has been very somber about the riots. We could clearly hear people screaming at one of them a few Saturday nights ago and it was chilling. I'm from the Middle East so I have much more experience at watching societies go to hell - I think it's taken my wife a little more by surprise. So anyway, I'm trying to be supportive and everything but check this out: Guess where my wife went to Junior High and High School. That's right: Kenosha, Wisconsin. That is NOT helping.


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