A blog post about nothing

Last night's episode of Portlandia Protestia provided little news to write about. The demonstrators (a couple of hundred again) marched the familiar route from Laurelhurst Park to the police station at 47th and East Burnside. They blocked the street and made a racket for several hours. The police were lined up outside the building, looking mean. But the usual physical jousting did not occur. There was no "bull rush," and as far as I can tell, there were no arrests.

Everything's relative. Last night's protest reminds me of a late-career album by Stevie Wonder or Prince. If it had been their recording debut, it would have been hailed as spectacular. But in light of everything that they did before, it's seen as just, well, good.

Speaking up to the Portland police about matters of race and brutality is good. Two hundred people showing up on a weeknight to do the speaking in unison is very good. But given the throngs of thousands downtown a few weeks ago, letting Trump's private army hear about it, scenes like last night are lacking in the drama that feeds the media. And the bloggers.

Anyway, kudos all around to the people who kept it cool.