What? No Tik Tok?

There are no Sunday Parkways events in Portland this year, for obvious reasons.

So then why is there still an active Sunday Parkways Facebook page?  A Sunday Parkways Twitter feedInstagram, too, of course.

"Read something out loud that soothes you."  "Take today's quiz! A celebration of Portland's creatives." On and on.

The city is about to borrow something like $100 million on an emergency basis because it's in financial trouble due to the pandemic (not to mention the riots). But we have money for this?

Apparently, Kaiser is paying part of the tab. Yes, good old Kaiser is subsidizing someone's sitting in a city office and churning out the psychobabble. For this we pay sky-high health insurance premiums?

Maybe it's time to lay off the flack for six months. Just an idea.