Until the lights come back up

My friend Jim Brunberg has brought much great music, and a lot of smart, earth-friendly economic development, to Portland. The list of remarkable shows I've seen under his roofs would be a long one.

And he has done it despite a boatload of hassle from bureaucrats at various levels of government. Someone could write a book on what he's been through with them. But he soldiers on with a smile.

Since the virus basically shut down his business, Brunberg's been pushing hard on behalf of the local entertainment industry (which includes himself, of course) for some spare change out of Salem. It sounds like he got some help from that quarter recently. Good for him.

When this thing is over, buy tickets to everything that looks good. Give them away if you don't go yourself.


  1. The late Dame Vera Lynn had a song on point, "When the Lights Go On Again." Somebody should honor it with a cover: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzlFaY0s_QI


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