Trump's occupation of Portland just got scarier

The Homeland Security goons have imposed some sort of airspace restrictions over downtown for an entire month. Whatever the motivation for this may be, it can't be good.

Folks, this is getting downright alarming.


  1. If we've learned anything from the Pandemic, it's that history can repeat itself. So what history do we see repeating in the streets of America? If the Spanish Flu came back as the Pandemic, are we now seeing the return of the French Revolution?
    Before you scoff, the French Revolution lasted a decade. We're only 4 months into this but the economic turmoil ahead seems certain to energize the population even more. I have no real idea, but we could be just getting started here.

  2. It appears to apply only to drones flying below 1000 ft.

  3. In other words, the goons do not want anyone in a position to make recordings of what they’re doing.

  4. Josh Marshall on the case:


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