They're calling it "Operation Diligent Valor"

When the U.S. military started the whole "operation" naming thing, right away it really creeped me out. I think that was Bush Senior's brilliant innovation when he pulled his deadly stunt in Kuwait.

Then when his jackass son got a few thousand Americans killed due to his carelessness, we had to have another "operation" or two. Not only that, everybody with a federal badge and a gun became "Homeland Security," an agency name that out-creeps all the "operations" by a country mile.

"Homeland Security"?  Really?  It sounds like Krushchev, or Mao, or Noriega, or Marcos. But hey, we had to fight "terr."  Look where that has gotten us now.

Anyway, the border patrol goons currently tear-gassing mothers in Portland are calling themselves "Operation Diligent Valor." Isn't that special?

UPDATE, later that day: An alert reader points out that “Operation Diligent Valor” is an anagram of “Dolt Reinvigoration Plea.”


  1. Operation Diligent Valor is all wrong for the Portland area. It sounds like a video game. On the other end of the spectrum you have the Mayor of Seattle with "The Summer of Love." Talk about a dated reference. Plus the names just aren't cute anymore once people start dying. Wait, how's this for a hip Northwest-style name: Riot-palooza?

  2. Operation Reticent Squalor.


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