The virus didn't get the memo

I wrote the other day about how masks were not being required at the Portland Japanese Garden, despite one staff member there contracting the virus. Well, right on cue, case no. 2 showed up yesterday, and now the whole joint is closed.

It's a lesson about what happens when you're not being careful enough.

The garden initially reopened to the public June 11, with several public health precautions in place including timed entry, face mask requirements...
Masks were "recommended," not required. They really should have been required, but a suit decided otherwise, and concerned employees reportedly weren't allowed to express a dissenting view publicly.

Today the head honcho is leaving the question-answering duties to a paid flack. Uh huh.


  1. I'm Covid 19
    I don't respond to haikus
    I'm shutting you down.


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