The feds are shooting protesters in the head and using chemical weapons

Last night's episode of The Portland Protests was a scaled-down version of the night before, and the night before that. It seemed like less of a crowd than even on Sunday night, but the same sequence of events transpired, albeit on the smaller scale. I'll spare you the rerun.

But there were a couple of extremely disturbing elements.

First, there were more complaints heard from the protesters that the federal mercenaries are shooting at their heads. Although the ammunition that's being fired is sometimes described as "less than lethal," it should really be called "less lethal." People in other cities have died after getting hit with it in the wrong parts of their bodies.

Some pretty wicked objects come flying out of those rifles. Big rubber bullets, "pepper balls" (which are projectiles that burst with pepper spray, or something else, when they hit you), and even some round metal bullets that look like ball bearings. And too many protesters are getting hit in the face and head to draw any conclusion other than that at least some of the wild, hotheaded stormtroopers are aiming high.

I showed you these yesterday:

Folks, look at it. Is there any doubt? Some of the feds are almost certainly shooting at protesters' heads.

They are also firing tear gas canisters and flashbang grenades directly at people's bodies. Particularly the flashbangs can do a lot of damage if you get hit with one, as one demonstrator did:

And there are now multiple chemicals in the mix. Lately in addition to a gray smoke, which seems to be CS or OC gas, i.e., "regular" tear gas, there's a more yellowish gas thrown in from time to time. Different shades of cloud are quite visible when the many canisters come flying out from the shock troops. Here's my weak attempt to capture the two hues from a video from the other night:

The smoke in the front is not the same color as the smoke in the back. And people who have been subjected to both say they're bad in different ways. There may be additional gases being thrown as well.

No one in the demonstrator ranks knows for sure what is blowing on them, other than CS and OC gas. There's a lot of speculation that's not worth reporting, at least not yet. But one thing that protesters and journalists alike agree on is that after the yellow smoke has passed by, it leaves a strong smell of chlorine in the air. One protester explained, "It smells like you just walked into an indoor community swimming pool." An independent journalist said he detected the chlorine odor nearly two miles from the courthouse after Sunday night's throwdown.

There are also troops walking around during the nightly clear-out with spray tanks on their backs, holding hoses that would unleash who-knows-what. So far, I haven't seen them actually spray anything, but that's not to say they definitely haven't.

So what are these chemicals that the federal government is blowing around in downtown Portland? The occupying force probably won't say, but they won't be able to keep their secrets for too long. Hundreds of people have been wearing gas masks, and the filters have collected the stuff. When the gas-ees identify the substances, I'm sure they'll tell us and we can all be horrified.

Remember, this is all over graffiti and broken windows at a courthouse. And a President who is a deranged psychopath. God, please help our effed-up shambles of a country.

UPDATE, later that day: Here's another one, from Saturday night.


  1. It's time to quit. This started as a response to police brutality and that point has been made. Going forward we should just make sure that officials hold police accountable if they go over the line. That means the district attorney. Charges have to be filed so that the police officer is thinking, "I can do this but I will be charged for it and could be sent to prison." That would be the deterrent we are looking for. Our then District Attorney Mike Schrunk went way out of his way not to hold the officers in the Kendra James shooting accountable. No charges were filed. The best approach after one of these incidents is to immediately interview the officers separately before they have time to fine-tune their story. In the Kendra James case the officers weren't interviewed right away and actually went out to dinner before having to tell what they did. The feeling in Portland and around the country was that the police can get away with anything. The system has been rigged in their favor and that's what led to this tragedy. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." That's a famous quote written in a Birmingham jail by Dr. Martin Luther King. It's engraved on Portland Justice Center. If the police can operate without accountability then justice everywhere in America is threatened. The remedies aren't that hard to figure out: Hold the police accountable. But now I believe it's time to recognize that and call this thing off before the real killing starts. If people on all sides start dying from live ammo, or car bombs, etc..we won't be able to stop it even if we wanted to. I'm from the Middle East --- I know.

  2. I'm 'safely' tucked away in southwestern Oregon these days so I'm not present in Portland anymore to witness the goings-on directly, but I did witness and do recall the police riots that took place around PSU back in the 70's - and riots they were. No quarter was given, they just rushed in an started bashing heads (always the head). And, as I recall, there were no recriminations for their actions - they were (are) the police after all....! And the beat goes on.

    As for today's malfeasances - here we have an apparently look-the-other-way city police force that appears to be in cahoots with the folks they should be surrounding and arresting whenever they step an inch off the so-called federal property they allegedly are 'protecting'. As for the goons themselves, I believe it would be a safe bet to say they are not federal employees, per se, but instead are hired mercenaries a-la the wonder-boys formerly known as Blackwater. As such, they are not beholden to any defend-the-Constitution oath-taking and are therefore probably not subject to any sort of after-the-fact military discipline as those in the military or other government service would be. Ergo, anything goes.

  3. And don’t come back now, hear? Spooky to read this while Barr, Minister of the Interior, is busy lying his ass off to Congress.

    1. Whoops, should have checked your link before posting mine! Was a bit mysterious, though.

  4. And now our federal magistrate judges are signing release orders with glaringly unconstitutional restrictions on the freedom to assemble and associate as a condition of release. Good times....

  5. Good analysis of the corrupt DNA of the “Dept of Homeland Security” (which always sounds better in the original German):


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