Straight outta Kafka

Here's what it's like to be groped and kept in a cell all night and most of the next day by the federales occupying Portland. Every rule in the book is broken. You have no rights.

Make your reservation now. It's going to be crowded in November.


  1. Our system still works enough so that she resurfaced sometime the next day, but let's not forget that the government would have been within their secret powers to deny even knowing they had her. She could have disappeared like other Americans into a legal void where they are not charged and cannot challenge their detention. What we see here is a glimpse of the ultimate nightmare - being denied any rights by the state and vanishing. I wish we could take all the virtue singling by politicians on this and address these extrajudicial powers granted because of the War on Terror. Let's reign the government's powers back in so we can live without fear of disappearing into the system.

    In other news: As surreal as these times are for Portlanders - seeing our story dominate the national discourse - there was one recent development that embodied the weirdness of this for me. It's a little like the way Damian Lillard said he finally made it because he's on the cover of a major video game. Did you know the vans snatching Portlanders have been featured in a story in the Onion? Something about that captures the insanity of being in the spotlight perfectly for me. We finally made it.


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