'Scuse me while I kiss the sky

Being a night owl has its benefits. Tonight it was a heavenly show. First the space station went over.  Then around 4, Venus was rising while Jupiter and Saturn were setting, the latter two almost on top of each other. Mars and the moon watched over the proceedings as well.

I was looking for the comet, but I didn't see it. I think I was looking in the wrong part of the sky, and too late. Maybe tomorrow night.


  1. Everyone should check out the space station. On TV the crew looks like they're just hanging out floating around. Only when you see it go by in the sky above you, do you appreciate the speed. They really are hauling ass and have great bravery to be up there. A couple of times I even saw the space shuttle over Portland on its way into Edwards Air Force Base. The daytime version just had the craft gliding along with no trail. At night you got an incredible greenish glowing trail following it in. 15 minutes after it went over Portland, it was on the ground at Edwards. Incredible speeds. One funny moment: I was outside in the day watching the space shuttle go over and when I saw it, I pointed and yelled at this stranger, "Hey, check it out, it's the space shuttle!" The guy looked at me like he was thinking, "Oh great, another Portland whack job." He didn't even look up.


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