Reading and writing and 'rona

Orange Caligula has decided that if schools don't reopen with lots of in-person classes, it will make him look bad. So today he thinks he's ordering them not to remain in on-line-only mode in September. He also has that hideous Betsy DeVos blathering about it.

Yesterday the federal immigration goons told international students that if their classes are all on line, they'll be deported. A few weeks ago, they told international students who recently got their diplomas in the United States that they won't be getting work visas to stay.

These moves are about more than just Donnie's re-election campaign. They give him and Betsy, both one-time owners of dubious private schools, a chance to get back at legitimate educational institutions. And of course, the actions regarding the foreign students fit right in with the MAGA racism and xenophobia we've seen from Day 1.

So now the young people are the pawns. Or so Donnie thinks. Everyone under 25 should have it by Election Day.

It will be interesting to see whether the students and teachers will stand for it. They are smarter than Donnie, who cheated his way into college, we hear today.

At least once a day, I pray that God will deliver America from this nightmare before it's too late. Maybe I need to step it up to two prayers a day.