Oh, the places he went!

A guy I used to practice law with bagged that act pretty early on and traveled the world, especially to obscure places normal people wouldn't even think of going. He's been writing up some of his many adventures in a blog of sorts, and it's a hoot. 

The problem was that the Chinese ambassador might be one of the people we weren’t supposed to have dinner with if we didn’t tell somebody first. The Regional Security Officer had been very specific about that. It was okay to hang out with anybody we wanted, but if the person we wanted to hang out with came from “certain” countries, we’d be better off if we let his office know ahead of time. That way, as he delicately put it, when word came from Washington about whom we’d hung out with, it would be old news and there wouldn’t be any “complications.” 

That story is here. The jumping-off point for the whole collection is here. Bon voyage.