Meanwhile, back at the morgue

The federal occupation of Portland is sucking all the air out of the news cycle. I'm sure that was the intent. But we still have the deadly global pandemic raging, and it got here first.

Just a note that the numbers coming from the Oregon Health Authority the last couple of days are distressing. In the last 10 days, 39 people have died in Oregon from Covid.

That is the worst 10-day period ever. As in, since the whole thing started. 

In mid-April, there was a 10-day stretch where we had 37; that was our previous worst. On Fourth of July, just three weeks ago, we had a 10-day toll of 18 deaths.

It's getting worse. Please don't let down your guard, and if you have, please put it back up.

UPDATE, the next day: With Sunday's numbers in, make it 40.