Meanwhile, back at the hospital

The federal occupation of Portland has created quite a distraction from the news concerning the coronavirus pandemic. But I have been watching the numbers put out by the Oregon health department, and they continue to worsen. 

As of last night, there were 70 Covid patients in the intensive care units of hospitals in Oregon. That is the most it's been since April 26.  Over the last 10 days, an average of three people a day have died of Covid in Oregon.

The folks at Willamette Week took a short break from reviewing marijuana strains to report on Oregon's Covid readiness last week. Compared to our population, we are pretty thin on intensive care unit capacity, and so the high number of patients in intensive care is troublesome.

The new case numbers in Portland have gotten truly alarming, with Multnomah County now doing worse than even Washington County. Here are my latest graphs on new cases reported:

Interestingly, Clackamas County seems to have flattened its curve. Is it because they do less testing? In any event, if you Portland readers were staying home and wearing a mask in April, you really shouldn't be gallivanting around without a mask now.


  1. I calculated the number of new cases per day for the three counties based on their relative populations. Here are numbers using a 10-day rolling average. As of yesterday, Multnomah County had 10.7 new cases per 100,000 residents. Washington County had 8.1 new cases per 100,000 residents. Clackamas County had 4.8 new cases per 100,000 residents. It could all be explained by differing testing rates, I suppose.

  2. New England Journal of Medicine -

    This is our Joseph Conrad and the Heart of Darkness

  3. You're my new go to guy on this Jack so thanks. "Strong in the ways of numbers he is." In the good news department - yes, there still is one - the Oxford vaccine is looking very promising. Of the 23 vaccines in clinical trials many are about stock pumping operations or grant money. But this Oxford thing is real. It generates both neutralizing antibodies and killer T cells. Of course after reading that, I've been kicking myself all day. See, I've been spending evenings making a vaccine out in the garage and I've had the neutralizing antibodies going for weeks. But darn if I didn't forget all about the T cells. It's so obvious now.


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