Just who are the "federal officers" shooting people in Portland?

The dangerous free-for-all known as the Portlandia protest season continues unabated. Last night the kids went back to the police union office on North Lombard. Good for them – change has to start there. But the racket went on all night, which really isn't fair to the people who live up that way.

Meanwhile, the local delegation to Congress has written an important letter demanding to know who the heavily armed federal officers are who come stomping out of the federal courthouse when the rowdy crowd gets too close to that facility. The media, with their usual laziness, call them "federal officers" or "federal law enforcement," but where are they from, and to whom are they answering?  Our federal representatives want to know, and doggone it, they want answers by next week.

The fact that they don't know is pretty scary.

Some of the troops are probably U.S. marshals. The marshals are the protectors of the federal judges. And by Jove, do the judges ever need protection. You would expect the marshals to be guarding the federal courthouse.

But there are others in the mix. Most likely some of them are from the border patrol. Now, the last time I looked, there are no federal borders anywhere near Portland, but apparently this is Orange Caligula's private army. They go everywhere and anywhere to do his bidding, legally or not, whether it be locking small children in cages or gassing peaceful protesters in Washington, D.C. so that Hairspray Hitler can hold up a Bible in front of a church.

When push comes to shove with Donnie, it won't be the Pentagon coming to take you away to the gulag. It will be the border patrol.

Now here they are in Portland. On Saturday, somebody in a federal camouflage suit shot a peaceful protester in the face with one of their crowd control weapons and wrecked the young man's life.

What do the U.S. marshals know about crowd control in a demonstration? What do the border goons know about it?

The members of Congress have those questions, and others. Here they are – let's see if anyone can give us straight answers by a week from now.


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