How about a little follow-up on the Portland cops?

The Portland mainstream media are lazy. Or maybe just understaffed. One day they breathlessly report that something very important is happening, raising lots of questions. The next day, they drop it like a hot potato. As if it never happened.

Last week, the Portland City Council passed a resolution forbidding the city's police from cooperating with the federal occupying troops on crowd control.

But Saturday night, the Portland cops did exactly that. At 1 a.m. Sunday, to be more precise, the two police forces coordinated with each other in clearing out the crowd in the city parks in front of the federal courthouse. The feds pushed the demonstrators west, and the Portland police pushed them north. There was much beating, tear gas, and firing of "less lethal" munitions. Video was streamed by at least a dozen people in attendance.

It's now Tuesday evening. Has anyone in the media asked the mayor or the city commissioners what they're going to do about the blatant disobedience by the police? If so, I haven't seen it.

On Sunday night, someone reportedly was shot at the protests. I say reportedly, because the initial reports were quite vague, and there have been no subsequent reports. Who was shot?  How are they doing? What were the circumstances? Nobody's asking, apparently. Two people were "taken into custody," but released without being "arrested," say the police. Who do they think did the shooting?

Instead, the reporters take the easy bait. The mayor, F. Ted Wheeler, and City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty want a meeting with Trump's main "Homeland Security" face card, Chad Wolf, to discuss a "ceasefire." That's an interesting meeting to picture.

Wolf:  Okay, so what is it you guys want?

Wheeler:  We want a ceasefire at the federal courthouse.

Hardesty:  Tell the mayor I agree with him.

Wheeler:  Tell Commissioner Hardesty that I'm grateful for her support.

Then there are the rifle clips and Molotov cocktails that mysteriously showed up in a bag, which was basically handed to the Portland police at the Sunday demonstration. Who put them there? Crickets.


  1. I hear Chad Wolf was game for the meeting but Mayor Wheeler couldn't attend. He had a photo shoot with Antifa.


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