A two-fer

Nothing's gotten more tiresome than living through the Covid pandemic. Some days the latest news about the coronavirus is too much to take. Oh, for the day when it's not dominating the world.

Then there's the struggle with police, who harbor within their ranks racists and sadists. The arrogance shown by many police officers is appalling. It's a painful ongoing story.  Some days even a small dose of that news is depressing,

But leave it to Corvallis, Oregon to be able to roll the two horror stories together, with this gem of a news item this morning. 
The trooper proceeded to place his order, Boss said in an interview, offering a foul-mouthed retort to the governor’s mandate that masks be worn within indoor public spaces.
“He said, ‘F---, Kate Brown,’” Boss recalled.
There is so much evil out there. Lord, have mercy.


  1. The cop is being treated very unfairly: That comma is misplaced.

  2. So happy to have you back. And as a part time proofreader, thank you!

    1. I see they deleted the comma. Great that they're reading this.


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