A turn for the worse

Today's reports from the Oregon health department about the Covid situation are alarming. There are 246 Covid patients in Oregon hospitals, 67 in intensive care.

The last time numbers were that high was on April 27. We have backslid by two and a half months.

It doesn't matter how many people you test. Hospitalizations are hospitalizations. That's a lot of very sick people.

It's harder to quarantine when the sun's out and you're tired of being imprisoned in your house. But fellow Oregonians, if you were motivated to stay home back when that desperate emergency room doctor in New York City committed suicide, you should be every bit as motivated now.


  1. The 10-day rolling average for daily deaths statewide is at 2.8, the highest since May 14.

  2. And the positive test rate in Oregon went up last week to 5.8%. Six weeks ago, it was 1.7%.



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