Hunkered down

I found this story in yesterday's Times pretty interesting. The rank-and-file journalists sweating it out in New York City aren't real happy that their bosses are all phoning it in from the Hamptons. And out in the Hamptons, caddy shacks are outlawed, so the Gatsby types now have to have robot caddies.

Whenever I think of the Hamptons these days, my thoughts turn to good old Ron Wyden. He's the senator from Oregon, but his wife and school-age kids live in Manhattan. Surely Ron is hanging out with them through the pandemic, isn't he? And they're not still in the city, are they? I'm thinking they're probably in the Hamptons somewhere, eating takeout from Baldor out by the pool. But his constituents never hear about such things, and they don't seem to care. Neither do they demand to see his tax returns. Oh, well.

Back to the Times story, way down into it were a couple of tidbits that popped out. When Chris Cuomo comes at you so intensely every evening on CNN? As he says, he's in his basement at home. But surprise to me, it's not in a New York City townhouse. It's, you guessed it, out in the Hamptons. And Rachel Maddow? She's camped out in western Massachusetts, apparently.

In every gig, it seems, there are the haves and the have-nots.

Speaking of which, this more serious piece from a couple of years ago is making the rounds on social media this week. I think it's still very much on point. The Trump show, police brutality, racism, they all distract from something just as bad, and way sneakier. The oligarchs want it all. And the plague? Another nice diversion while they pull the levers. 

The bad guys are not taking a break because of the coronavirus. They never let up.