Change the channel

It was't far into the reign of Orange Caligula that we all realized that we'd wake up to a new outrage every morning. But now we're up to an average of 2.5 outrages per day. It's all so exhausting.

Part of me knows that this is an aspect of the strategy for Miller and Jared and whoever else is puling the strings behind the Dotard-in-Chief. Wear people out so that they stop looking – then you can really get away with murder. So in my heart, I realize that vigilance is needed. But unless he's voted out, or strokes out, or up and dies, there's no getting rid of him. So why bother keeping a complete and up-to-date list of horribles?

Most people's minds were made up about this fool long ago, and they aren't going to change. A small group may still be persuaded one way or another, but unless they live in one of the "swing states," their opinions don't matter, anyway.

Rather than breathlessly repeating his latest bull puckey, or digging up more dirt on the guy when he's already obviously dirtier than swine, I wish the media would get the public focused on the election, which is less than 130 days away now. Which are the "swing states"? How did they vote last time? Most importantly, how sturdy and trustworthy is their voting infrastructure? Secondarily, what do the polls currently say in those states? (And how wrong were those same pollsters last time?)

Is it really too much to ask the mainstream media to answer these questions in a prominent way about once a week?  Instead it's the constant refrain of "he tweeted this, he tweeted that, Pence wore a mask, Pence didn't wear a mask, maybe they'll see his tax returns, maybe they won't."

Let's focus on what really matters, and let the creeps be creeps in the background.