What happens when you're not Portland Polite

Here's a wild one: A group of neighborhood associations on the west side of Portland have decided to ban the editor of the neighborhood newspaper from their meetings. And the editor in question, Allan Classen of the NW Examiner, isn't happy about it. It makes for some amusing reading, here – or I'm sure, on newsstands throughout Northwest Portland.

That's a problem with neighborhood associations. They carry out a public function, with taxpayer money, but after a while they turn into dysfunctional social clubs. And boy, do they ever have thin skins.


  1. Allan Classen is a bulldog of a reporter with an excellent track record for accuracy. I'm not privy to what is involved in this dispute, but I know Allan to have utmost integrity and care for the turf he covers.

  2. Great comment, but I want to note that the organization in question is the NeighborsWest-Northwest, the neighborhood coalition representing 7 Northwest and 4 Southwest Neighborhood Associations - not a neighborhood association itself.

    In 2017, Donald Trump, tweeted that the nation’s news media “is the enemy of the American people.” Trump’s efforts to suppress freedom of the press has apparently now come home to roost right here is Portland.

    1. An association of associations. An even better place to be petty.


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