The deer head terrorist

Police in Lake Oswego say they have identified the person who placed a couple of severed deer heads next to Biden and Black Lives Matter lawn signs just before the election. In my book, that was an act that should properly be labeled as terrorism.

His name is Thomas Austin Jakmauh. He is 19 years old. That must be "T.J." Jakmauh, the former football star, Class of '20, from Lakeridge High School. A huge guy, played on the offensive line.

The cops apparently are going to let him off with a ticket for littering. You can imagine what would happen if it were a Black kid and the signs said Trump. But that's Lake Oswego for you.

The 19-year-old, who grew up in Gladstone and attended high school in Lake Oswego, told investigators he had been deer hunting and was driving around with friends, then he left the deer heads near the political campaign signs because he wasn’t a fan of Biden, according to authorities.

And the media isn't showing his picture. I guess that's because hey, boys will be boys, no need to ruin a kid's life just because he's a terrorist. So here, let me do their job for them.